The AEP Competitive Advantage in LED Technology

LED Diode...
The most important attribute to any luminary is the quality of the light source. AEP Environmental uses only the highest quality LED arrays in it’s fixtures. With reliable sourcing from quality LED manufacturers such as Bridgelux and Cree, AEP Environmental offers LED fixtures with true illumination and brilliance. Each unit is designed with the customer in mind. All components used in the design are modular and replaceable by the customer.

Light Placement...
AEP Environmental uses different reflectors for each of its luminaries in order to deliver the proper light distribution to the customer. The team from AEP Environmental is aware that having a reliable light source is not enough. The light source must then be manipulated properly to deliver optimal results. All product series and product lines from AEP Environmental utilize reflectors and/or diffusers to achieve what the customer desires.

Design and Heat Management...
LEDs are extremely resilient. However, if the array becomes too hot at the junction it will begin to degrade and fail. With this theory in mind, AEP Environmental has many ways to displace heat from critical points on the LED. Heat is transferred through different metals of density and grade. AEP Environmental utilizes the entire fixture to displace heat in conjunction with internal heat sinking. Also, by utilizing a recognizable fixture design, AEP Environmental offers its customers the ability to install a light similar to their previous luminaries. The only difference will be a higher quality light
and increased energy savings.
The Patented Long Life LED Power Supply...
AEP Environmental offers a patented power supply to work in conjunction with the long life of the LED. Since an LED array has such a long life it is imperative that AEP Environmental offer this power supply in order to match the lifetime of the LED.

A Simplified Design...
Our goal, at AEP Environmental, is to offer a long lasting and easily maintainable LED fixture to our customers. Our team utilizes a simple modular design for four reasons:
1) Less complexity in an LED fixture offers fewer opportunities for the fixture to fail.
2) In the rare occasion of a failure, a simplified design offers faster maintenance.
3) With the improvement of LED technology, a fixture from AEP Environmental will
be easily upgradable.
4) Several mounting options for each fixture series are available for easy installation.