WHB - High Bay LED


LED Module:

Bridgelux LED Emitters
Custom High Brightness White Array
Patented Phosphor Technology
Lumen Degradation (L70): > 80,000 hrs
No UV, Infrared Emission
Luminous Efficacy: > 100 lm/W @ 25°C
CCT: 5000 K
CRI: > 75 Ra

LED Driver Module:

Input Voltage: AC 100–277 V, 347 V & 480 V
Power Factor: > 95%
Power Efficiency: > 85%
THD: < 10%
Lifespan: > 75,000 hrs @ 80°C internal temperature
IP Rating: IP65
Patent Pending


Total Fixture Wattages: 50W (58W), 100W (110W) & 120W (130W)*
*120W High Bay for Cold Storage Locations Only
Ambient Operating Temperature: -30°C to 40°C
Weight: 10–15 lbs
IP Rating: IP66
Replaces up to a 100-400W HID High Bay Light
Controllability: Instant On/Off
Longer lifespan than incandescent, fluorescent, and HID
High shock and vibration resistance
Environmentally Friendly: No lead, mercury, argon, xenon, or other unsafe materials
Custom heat sink and optical diffuser
Custom tandem setup available